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Make Your Strings Bite!

Make Racquet Stringing

Faster and Easier


Follow these 3 steps:

1. Hold lower jaw handle, put lower jaw underneath a main string

2. Insert lower jaw between the strings, make sure string rests in the middle of lower jaw surface

3. Push down lower jaw handle to reach upper jaw handle, close SpinGen to make friction marks

Do not use SpinGen on the following strings:

- Natural gut string,

- Used string with deep notching

- SpinGen is designed for 17 Gauge or bigger strings and might not work for all 18G or smaller strings.

How to maintain string performance:

Depending on how hard and how you hit the balls, we recommend using SpinGen every 4-5 hours of play. You can re-apply marks on the "sweet spot" as needed.

Tennis strings can be grouped into 3 categories: Smooth Round String, Shaped (Profiled) String and Textured String. Shaped and Textured strings are also called Spin String in Tennis Warehouse. Also see StringForum about tennis string.

String Types
When to first use SpinGen
How Often
Smooth Round String
Luxilon Alu Power;Babolat RPM
When it's new
Every 4-5 Hours
Shaped (Profiled) String
Solinco Tour Bite; MSV HEX
New or After 2-3 hours
Every 4-5 Hours
Textured String
Luxilon Alu Power Rough
New or After 2-3 hours
Every 4-5 Hours


  • Don’t use SpinGen on old strings with deep notches
  • SpinGen is not recommended for natural gut strings
  • SpinGen is recommended for players with USTA rating 3.0 or higher, lower level players might not benefit from it. 


  • Some strings are stiff while some are soft.  Use light force to crimp initially and check the first few friction marks. Then you can increase your force as needed
  • Wrap racquet handle overgrip on the SpinGen handles to improve grip and comfort.