You might be a professional tennis player or a club tennis player, order a SpinGen today to boost spin and power in your shots! SpinGen creates diamond shaped friction marks on the top surface of tennis strings, this ensures the friction between the tennis strings and tennis ball is optimum for spin generation.

SpinGen 2.0

SpinGen is exclusively manufactured by Hansinova. SpinGen 2.0 is made of fiber reinforced material. It is durable and only weighs about 7 ounces. You have 7 colors to choose from: Metallic Gold; Jet Black; Rust Orange; Winter White; Deep Blue; Sky Blue and Celadon Green. You can also create your own SpinGen with different colors. Just choose one of these 7 colors for the upper handle, lower handle and connector, and we will custom-assemble a SpinGen for you.

SpinGen 1.0 Classic:



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SpiGen 1.0 Metal Diamond
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We urge you to try SpinGen and will give you a 30-day free trial. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, including the shipping cost and return shipping cost. 

If you decide to return it within 30 days after purchase, please contact us using the form in the "Contact" tab on our web site. Just send the product back along with the receipt. Once we receive your returned item you will get a full refund, including the shipping and handling costs and your return postage cost (within the US only). It costs you nothing to return. That is how confident we are that you will love this product.

Note: only shipping and handling costs within the US are refundable. International return shipping costs are not refundable.

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