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Make Racquet Stringing

Faster and Easier

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Patrick McGuillicuddy, 4.5 player, Acton, MA

“The first time I used the SpinGen, I felt an instant result. I felt I could hit the ball harder and with more control (Babolat RPM Blast Black 16). I also felt that I could generate topspin lots easier. This, combined with the fact that I’ll save $45 on stringing, because I no longer need to buy gut, make the SpinGen a must for the serious tennis player.”

Marc Sadowsky, 4.5 player, Nashua, NH

Marc is the first tester of the SpinGen: "I was skeptical about whether the SpinGen would help me. I tried it on a racquet I was going to get restrung because the strings had died (the string was MSV Focus HEX). I was very surprised to learn that the ball was coming off the racquet even better than when the racquet was newly strung. I felt I had both more pop and control of the ball and saved the cost of having to restring my racquet. It was as if treating my strings with the SpinGen brought my strings back to life. You have to try this to give your strings longer life and pop. I've been using the SpinGen for the past couple of months and am a believer. I too was skeptical about how this could work. All I can say is that each time I treat my strings with the SpinGen they are more alive and my ground strokes are crisper and my serve has more velocity. I understand that this is testimonial and not "scientific" but I can truly feel the difference and would encourage skeptics to give it a try."

Nick Yang, U14 USTA Player, Tyngsborough, MA

"My Dad always uses the SpinGen on my strings before my matches. The StringSharpener is pretty cool and I like it. My shots seldom go out and always stay in. It gives me a better feel when I hit the ball."

Barry Lemire, 5.0 player, Manchester, NH

"I am a 5.0 tennis player living in NH. When Lu asked me to try the SpinGen, I told him that it might cut my string and I did not need it. After I saw him using it on his string over and over again and the string was fine, and I noticed that the balls coming off his racquet had more spin than before, I decided to try it. SpinGen does not shorten my string life time. I used the SpinGen many times on the same strings on the center spot when the marks started to wear off. With the SpinGen, it was much easier for me pick up the low balls and put more spin on my serve, and it gives me a better feel on the ball. I find that the SpinGen really helps my game. I recommend you to give it a try."

John Weber, 5.0 player, Westford, MA

"I am a former Div. I college player and current USTA 5.0. I hit with heavy topspin and SpinGen helps me generate even more spin. I felt the difference as soon as I tried the SpinGen on my strings (Luxilon Alu Power 16L). I can feel the ball better and my shots dip down faster. Shots that might have landed a couple of inches out now land inside the baseline. I would recommend you to give it a try if you are a serious player. It works!"

Jack Bleiman, 4.0 player, Moorestown, NJ

"The SpinGen seems to help somewhat in keeping the poly strings alive..."

Kathy Feldman, 4.0 player, Portola Valley, CA "...Yes, I like it. It seems to work. The only draw back is that it's heavy. I don't tend to take it with me to matches and keep it at home instead. I am a 4.0 player and I use Wilson NXT Tour #17 (multifilament)."

Benjamin Tran, 4.0 player, Austin, Texas "I have been using SpinGen for couples month and it definitely improved my game. I am strong 4.0 NTRP player since I beat quite a few 4.5 players in the singles ladder that I am playing. I use Wilson BLX SixOne 18X16 and K-factor 18X16 rackets strung with Topspin Cyber Blue at 59X57 tension. I feel more control and spin on my slice, topspin shots, and slice and kick serves... I prefer to put frictions mark to both main and cross...I did get more free points from my serves in singles and doubles matches with SpinGen. My ground strokes have more power and more consistent with SpinGen. Those helped me to win more matches so that move up from middle of a 4.0 group to a 4.5 group in a tennis ladder...

Sam Sneeringer, Newark, DE 19711

"The groves on the mains do help with spin. If poly mains are your thing, it works well."